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Americus Travelers Baseball Club
1998 Roster (Alphabetical Order):
Hamp Butler Southland Academy
Willie Chamness Americus High
Greg Dominy Southland Academy
Terrence Duncan Southland Academy
Brad Hagerson Southland Academy
Michael Horne Southland Academy
Adrian Johnson Americus High
Michael Marshall Southland Academy
Ernest Polk Americus High
Scott Renew Americus High (left halfway in season)
William Rooks Tri County High
Eric Rutherford Americus High
Todd Sellars Southland Academy
Chan Short Southland Academy
Edgar Smith Tri County High
Chip Spann Southland Academy
Nick Williams Tri County High

Americus Travelers Baseball Club
1998 Coaches
Head Coach: Billy Nicholson
Assistant Coach: Bobo Short
Assistant Coach: Joe Lamb
Assistant Coach: Ted Turner
Scorekeeper: Chad Standridge
Director of Baseball Operations: Tim Estes

1998 Schedule
Date Opponent Time Location
May 23 Americus Day of Baseball 12 p.m. & 6 p.m. Bell Stadium
May 25 Americus Post 2 7:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
May 26 Warner Robins 6:00 p.m. (Double Header) Warner Robins
June 6 Gainesville (Georgia) 1:00 p.m. (Double Header) Bell Stadium
June 9 Tifton All-Stars 6:00 p.m. (Double Header) Tifton
June 12 Jackson, Alabama 5:00 p.m. (CST) Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama 7:45 p.m. (CST) Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama
June 13 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 10:00 a.m. (CST) Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama
June 14 East Cobb Chargers 1:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
June 16 Albany 4:00 p.m. (Double Header) Albany High
June 20 Albany Post 30 (Double Header) 1:00 p.m. Paul Eames #2
June 23 Warner Robins 6:00 p.m. (Double Header) Bell Stadium
June 25-28 USSSA Tournament Bell Stadium
June 30 Albany 4:00 p.m. (Double Header) Bell Stadium
July 6-8 GRPA District Tournament Tifton
July 15-18 GRPA State Tournament Dublin
July 20-26 USSSA World Series Lakeland, Florida

Recaps Section

Travelers Awarded USSSA State Tournament

In March, Thomas L. Bell Stadium was awarded the site for the 1998 USSSA State Tournament. The Travelers began their association with USSSA this year, but also continued their affiliation with Georgia Recreation and Parks Association. (For more information on the tournament, see below)

May - 1998 Lineup/Schedule Announced

The Travelers 1998 roster was announced in mid May. Head Coach Billy Nicholson was back for the third consecutive year. Assistant coaches this year: Bobo Short and former Travelers players Joe Lamb and Ted Turner. The roster: Nick Williams, Michael Marshall, Michael Horne, Edgar Smith, Greg Dominy, William Rooks, Scott Renew, Hamp Butler, Todd Sellars, Brad Hagerson, Ernest Polk, Adrian Johnson, Eric Rutherford, Willie Chambliss, Terence Duncan, Chip Spann, and Chan Short. Among the game highlights for 1998 announced were two key tournaments: The Auburn-Montgomery Tournament and the USSSA AAA Tournament, to be played in Americus (see below for game details).

Worth noting: Of the 17 players for the 1998 squad, Nick Williams, Terence Duncan, Brad Hagerson, Chan Short, Chip Spann, Greg Dominy, William Rooks, Todd Sellars, Edgar Smith, Scott Renew, Adrian Johnson, and Ernest Polk were noted for outstanding season play in the Americus Times-Recorder All-Area Baseball Team rankings.

May 23 - Americus Day Of Baseball

The Travelers started their season off with a win against the local 16-under Blue Team, 6-2. Nick Williams was the winning pitcher, allowing two runs, one hit, and one walk. Chan Short also pitched a pair of innings, allowing no runs, two hits, two strikeouts. To start the Travelers scoring, Todd Sellars reached second due to a first inning error, which allowed Eric Rutherford and Chan Short to score. In inning #2, Chan Short hit a fly out to left to score Willie Chambliss to put the game 3-2. Edgar Smith reached second to score William Rooks; Smith, in turn, scored along with Michael Horne thanks to a double from Chip Spann.

May 25 - Americus American Legion Post 2

The Travelers were defeated by the American Legion Post 2, 15-9. Losing pitcher was Todd Sellars, who struck out one, allowed four runs and two hits, and walked three. The Travelers scored five runs in the first inning - Terence Duncan singled in Edgar Smith and Chip Spann. Eric Rutherford walked in with the bases loaded, then Michael Horne singled, which allowed runs for both Terence Duncan and Chan Short. In the sixth, William Rooks scored on a walk. In the bottom of the seventh, Chan Short scored due to an error. Michael Horne batted in William Rooks. Brad Hagerson then batted in Edgar Smith in the eighth inning.

May 26 - Warner Robins

The Travelers defeated Warner Robins with a double shutout, 10-0 and 6-0. Michael Marshall was the winning pitcher in outing number one, allowing one hit and striking out five. Leading hitter for the game was Ernest Polk, who went 3 for 3 with two singles and a home run. Chan Short and Chip Spann also did outstanding hitting. Nick Williams was the winning pitcher in the second game; he allowed only three hits and struck out 10. Leading hitter was Terence Duncan, who went 2 for 2 with one home run and four RBI.

June 4 - Randolph-Clay

The Travelers defeated Randolph-Clay in a double header, 21-2 and 15-0. Nick Williams was the winning pitcher in outing #1. Edgar Smith, Ernest Polk, and Adrian Johnson all hit home runs, and Hamp Butler hit a grand slam homerun. Michael Horne went 2-for-4 for the night, Chan Short, 3-for- 4. The team got 19 hits altogether in the first game. Michael Marshall was the winning pitcher in game #2. Nick Williams hit a solo home run, and Edgar Smith and Eric Rutherford each went 2-for-2..

June 9 - Tifton All-Stars

The Travelers defeated the Tift County All Stars in a double shutout, 25-0 and 14-0, in Tifton. In game #1, Brad Hagerson pitched a no-hitter, with nine strike outs. Leading hitters included Greg Dominy (3 for 4, home run, single, double), Edgar Smith (3 for 4), and Chan Short (3 for 3). Every player on the team had at least one hit! In game #2, Eric Rutherford pitched the no-hitter, and the Travelers had 12 hits in two innings. Willie Chambliss, Todd Sellars, and Chip Spann each went 2-for-2 in the second game at the plate.

June 12-13 - American Legion Tournament @ Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama: Brad Hagerson took the loss, striking out three, walking five, and allowing four hits.

Jackson, Alabama: Nick Williams was the winning pitcher, allowing six runs on six hits. He walked three and struck out seven. Greg Dominy led the hitting effort, going 3-for-4 with a home run, a double, a single, two RBI, and four runs. Chip Spann went 3-for-4 with an RBI, and Brad Hagerson went 3-for-4 with two RBI.

Fairhope, Alabama: The Travelers lost 4-3. They had a 3-0 lead after four innings, then in the top of inning #7, a Fairhope batter hit a double to score their winning two runs.

June 14 - East Cobb Chargers

The Travelers split a double header with the East Cobb Chargers. Todd Sellars pitched for the 4-3 win in game #1.

June 16 - Albany High

The Travelers defeated Albany High in the double header, with Brad Hagerson the winning pitcher in game #1 and Nick Williams in game #2.

June 23 - Warner Robins

The Travelers defeated Warner Robins 21-6. Brad Hagerson allowed three runs, three hits, and struck out four. Eric Rutherford allowed three runs, two hits, walked three, and struck out three. The Travelers had 21 hits in four innings. The night's outstanding hitters were Greg Dominy (3-for-4), Chip Spann (3-for-4), Edgar Smith (2-for-4), Brad Hagerson (1-for-2), Ernest Polk (1-for-2), William Rooks (2-for-4), and Michael Horne (2-for-2). Warner Robins ended up forfeiting the game after four innings and also forfeited the second game.

June 25-28 - USSSA All State Tournament

6-25-98 - Brantley County

The Travelers defeated Brantley County in a 8-0 shutout with Nick Williams picking up the win on the mound. He allowed three hits, struck out seven, and walked one. Among the highlights batting wise: Michael Horne scored an in-the-park home run on a hit to right. Leading hitters: Brad Hagerson (2 for 3), William Rooks (2 for 3), Chan Short (2 for 3), Chip Spann (2 for 3), Edgar Smith (1-for-3), Hamp Butler (1-for-2), and Greg Dominy (1-for-3).

6-26-98 - Richmond Hill

The Travelers defeated Richmond Hill, 9-4.

6-26-98 - Toccoa Cobras

The Travelers won against the Toccoa Cobras, 17-2. Pitchers: Eric Rutherford allowed one run, two hits and had none to walk. Michael Marshall allowed one run, two hits, walked one, three strike outs. Chan Short walked one and struck out three. He allowed no hits or runs. Hitting wise, the Travelers really shined in the seventh inning - seven runs and an error run. Greg Dominy hit a left-field home run. Batting leaders were Willie Chambliss and Chan Short, each with 3-for-3; Greg Dominy (2-for-5); Chip Spann (2-for5); Brad Hagerson (2-for-5); Adrian Johnson (1-for-3); Ernest Polk (1-for-4); Hamp Butler (1-for-4); and Edgar Smith (1-for-5).

6-27-98 - Toccoa Cobras

The Travelers once again defeated the Cobras, 8-3.

6-27-98 - Richmond Hill

The Travelers once again won against Richmond Hill, 17-3.

6-28-98 - Toccoa Cobras

The Travelers defeated the Toccoa Cobras 9-1 in five innings to win not only the game, but the USSSA State Title. Brad Hagerson was the winning pitcher, allowing only one earned run.

June 30 - Albany

The Travelers defeated Albany 18-3 and 18-8. Pitcher Todd Sellars allowed two runs and two hits, he struck out two and walked one. Nick Williams allowed one home run then retired the remainder of the order. After Albany's home run in the fourth, Americus scored 11 runs in the bottom of the inning as every player in the game reached home base. Chip Spann hit a two-run home run. In game #2, Americus cranked up the bats and scored 12 runs for a 17-5 score by the end of the third inning. Noteworthy hitters were Chip Spann (5-for-7), William Rooks (5-for-7), Greg Dominy (3-for-4), Todd Sellars (2-for-4), Michael Horne (2-for-4), Willie Chambliss (2-for-3), Hamp Butler (2-for-4), Brad Hagerson (2-for-3), and Ernest Polk (1-for-3).

July 6-8 - GRPA District Tournament @ Tifton

The Travelers won District in the championship game with a score of 11-0.

July 15-18 - GRPA State Tournament @ Dublin

July 15 - Dublin

The Travelers lost to Dublin, 7-4. Nick Williams took the loss from pitchers mound. Both Greg Dominy and Chip Spann had home runs in the game.

July 16 - Wayne County

The Travelers lost their bid for a three-peat in the GRPA State Tournament as they were defeated by Wayne County, 11-8.

July 20-26 - USSSA World Series @ Lakeland, Florida

July 21 - Opolousus, Louisiana

The Travelers defeated the Louisiana team 12-3, with Nick Williams the winning pitcher. He allowed three runs, six hits. Chip Spann and Michael Horne were the outstanding hitters in this game.

July 22 - Arlington, Texas

The Travelers won against Arlington, Texas, 3-1. Winning pitcher Eric Rutherford pitched a no-hitter - the Texas Express scored due to a walk and error. Outstanding hitters: Brad Hagerson, William Rooks, Michael Horne, Chip Spann.

July 22 - Kalamazoo, Michigan

The team defeated Michigan 3-0. Winning pitcher was Edgar Smith. With this win, the Travelers won the number one seed in the remainder of the tournament. Todd Sellars, Hamp Butler, and William Rooks were the outstanding hitters for this game.

July 23 - Louisiana

The Travelers faced their first loss of the tournament, 10-5 - a game plagued by controversial calls and a number of walks by pitchers.

July 24 - Texas

The Travelers managed to defeat Texas 7-3 in an effort to bounce back from the losers bracket. Eric Rutherford was the winning pitcher. Outstanding hitters were Adrian Johnson, Chan Short, and Greg Dominy.

July 24 - Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Travelers quest for the USSSA World Series gold came to an end as they were defeated by Michigan, 3-1.

The Americus Travelers did emerge as the nation's fifth ranked team in the World Series in the AAA Division. Congratulations go to Edgar Smith, Greg Dominy, and Michael Horne, who were named to the USSSA All American Team (worth noting: Americus was the ONLY team to have more than two All Americans!).

August 5-7 - Americus Travelers Baseball Camp

Nearly 20-25 youngsters ages 8-12 turned out for the second annual Americus Travelers Baseball Camp, held at Thomas L. Bell Stadium in Americus, to learn baseball fundamentals, to get batting and running practice, and to have fun. Coaches Tim Estes and Billy Nicholson, assisted by Joe Lamb, Greg Dominy, Edgar Smith, and Adrian Johnson, are to be commended for a job well done with the camp. All of the participants received an official t-shirt - and all admitted that the camp was FUN and planned on coming back next year! After the hard work and practice on Friday, the camp participants were treated to some fun as they got to Slip and Slide to cool down. Special thanks go to the local fire department for their cooperation here!

August 8 - End Of Season Banquet

Players, coaches and fans associated with the Americus Travelers gathered together one last time for the end-of-season banquet, which was held at Concord United Methodist Church. Everyone enjoyed a delicious chicken dinner which was catered by Mike Shattles and his staff. Head Coach Billy Nicholson then addressed the group, reflecting on both key games and some of the team's lighter, funnier moments from the past three seasons. Ken "Moose" Harrill of Jesup was also a guest speaker; he encouraged the players in the future to "work hard and play hard, but don't let yourselves forget who you are because you're an awesome group." Director of Baseball Operations Tim Estes then addressed the group with his thanks to all for an outstanding season.

Each of the players received a t-shirt and will also receive an "Americus Travelers" watch at a later date. Special congratulations go to Adrian "All Sport" Johnson, winner of the 1998 Bobby Ryals Leadership Award.