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Americus Travelers Baseball Club
1999 Roster (Alphabetical Order):
Ryan Bushey Americus High
Brent Carter Southland Academy
Rick Cochran Americus High
Caleb Cripe Southland Academy
Jason George Americus High
Adrian Johnson Americus High
Alan Johnson Southland Academy
Cedric Johnson Americus High
John Redmond Southland Academy
Travis Rush Americus High
Eric Rutherford Americus High
Chan Short Southland Academy
Chip Spann Southland Academy
Bob Stubbs Tri County High
Dylan Tracy Americus High
Daniel Warren Southland Academy

Americus Travelers Baseball Club
1999 Coaches Roster
Director of Baseball Operations: Tim Estes
Head Coach: Billy Nicholson
Assistant Coach: Bobo Short
Assistant Coach: Joe Lamb
Assistant Coach: Ted Turner (First half)
Assistant Coach: Edgar Smith (Second half)
Scorekeeper: Jeremy Law

1999 Schedule
Date Opponent # of Games Time Location
Tuesday, May 25 Tifton Post 21 American Legion One 6:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
Thursday, May 27 Albany Post 30 Tournament - Leesburg Post 182 One 6:00 p.m. Albany
Thursday, May 27 Albany Post 30 Tournament - Albany Post 30 Jr Team One 7:30 p.m. Albany
Friday, May 28 Albany Post 30 Tournament - Tifton Post 21 One 5:00 p.m. Albany
Saturday, May 29 Dothan Double Header 1:00 p.m., Central Time Dothan, Alabama
Sunday, May 30 Albany Post 30 Tournament - Tallahassee Post 13 One 10:00 a.m. Albany
Tuesday, June 1 Macon Post 3 One 6:00 p.m. Macon
Saturday, June 5 Randolph-Clay Double Header 10:00 a.m. Bell Stadium
Wednesday, June 9 Perry High School Double Header 6:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
Sunday, June 13 East Cobb Chargers Double Header 2:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
Tuesday, June 15 Colquitt County High School Double Header 5:30 p.m. Moultrie
Saturday, June 19 Wayne County Double Header 1:00 p.m. Jesup
Tuesday, June 22 Tift County High School Double Header 5:30 p.m. Tifton
Thursday, June 24 - Sunday, June 27 USSSA State Tournament Five games Bell Stadium
Thursday, July 1 Shaw High School Double Header 4:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
Tuesday, July 6 Colquitt County High School Double Header 5:30 p.m. Bell Stadium
Saturday, July 10 Dothan Generals - Dothan, Alabama Double Header 1:00 p.m. Bell Stadium
Tuesday, July 20 Tifton Post 21 American Legion One 6:00 p.m. Tifton
Wednesday, July 21 - Saturday, July 24 GRPA State Tournament   1st game for Travelers, 7-21 at 10:00 a.m. Bell Stadium
Monday, July 26 - Sunday, August 1 USSSA World Series Cocoa Beach, Florida

Recaps Section

May 25 - Tifton Post 21

The Travelers opened up their fifth season in very strong style with a 12-2 defeat of Tifton's Post 21 American Legion team at Bell Stadium. Brent Carter was the starting pitcher for this game; relievers were Dylan Tracy, Chan Short, and John Redmond. Carter posted three innings with no hits, no score from the opposites. Tracy allowed a solo run and a trio of hits, and had deuce strike outs. Short gave up a solo run and sent two back to the dugout. Redmond allowed two to walk. The blue and orange crew put "Snap, Crackle, and Bat" early on and scored 10 in the first four innings.

In the initial at-bat inning, Short reached base on an error. Bob Stubbs then reached 1st base with a Tifton error. Travis Rush hit and loaded the bags, and Caleb Cripe hit a sac fly to bring the first Traveler to hme plate. As deuce outs threatened, Eric Rutherford and Chip Spann both hit singles to bring in deuce scores apiece. Rush blasted a triple in inning #2 which allowed Stubbs to head home, then Rush made it home due to a wild Post throw.

A Tifton error led the Travelers' third at-bat inning. Spann posted a triple, and Tracy's hit brought him to the plate. Tifton scored in their fourth, but their throw error in the Travelers fourth brought in another run for the home team. Cedric Johnson had a game winning single hit.

Style and Profile Award Of The Night: Adrian Johnson, for two spectacular diving catches!

May 27-30 - Albany Post 30 Tournament

  • Lost to Leesburg Post 182, 5-3
  • Defeated Albany 30 JV, 10-9
  • Lost to Tifton Post 21, 15-12. Lead hitters: Bob Stubbs (three hits, two RBI), Travis Rush (three hits, one RBI), Eric Rutherford (RBI).
  • Lost to Tallahassee, Florida Post 13, by a score of 6-2

May 29 - Dothan, Alabama Generals

The orange and blue crew lost 8-6 in the first of the double header, and lost 13-5 in the nightcap. Worth Noting: The Generals changed the entire line up for both games.

June 1 - Macon Post 3

The Travelers defeated the Post 3 American Legion team of Macon, 8-7. Pitcher Brent Carter went seven innings, allowing seven to score, six hits, two walks, and sent five back to the dugout. Carter wins our website's "Style and Profile Award" as he sent two back to the dugout under a bases-loaded threat. Relief pitcher John Redmond allowed only a solo run.

In the hitting department, Travis Rush posted three while Chip Spann had two RBI and Bob Stubbs and Rick Cochran each had a solo RBI for the night.

June 5 - Randolph Clay

The Travelers defeated Randolph-Clay High School in a doubleheader, 9-2 and 2-1. Eric Rutherford picks up the win on the mound for game #1 (allowing one run and sending six back to the dugout), Chan Short for game #2 (he sent eight back to the dugout). In the second inning of game #1, Brent Carter's single brought in two runs to put the orange and blue squad up 3-1 with deuce outs threatening in the inning.

For inning #3, all the batters in the lineup hit and the Travelers posted four more scores - all with deuce outs already in the inning. Ryan Bushey's triple brought two home, and Carter's hit brought another man to home plate. Caleb Cripe reached base with an RC error and scored, while Alan Johnson scored thanks to a wild pitch.

"Style and Profile Award": Chan Short: In game #2, he didn't allow any runs and had to work a bases loaded, zilch outs situation.

June 9 - Perry High

The Orange and Blue pride of Americus and Sumter County posted two shutouts against Perry, 12-0 and 21-0. Brent Carter was the winning pitcher for contest #1, allowing one hit and sending eleven back to the dugout. Lead hitters were Eric Rutherford (three hits, three RBI), Ryan Bushey (two hits, four RBI), and Rick Cochran (two hits).

For the nightcap, John Redmond claimed the win as pitcher, allowing only deuce hits and sending five back to the dugout. Lead hitters were Carter (three hits, four RBI), Travis Rush (three hits, four RBI, two doubles), and Chip Spann, Bushey, Daniel Warren, Rutherford, Cochran, Adrian Johnson, and Chan Short all posting deuce hits apiece.

June 13 - East Cobb Chargers

The Travelers split a double header with the East Cobb Chargers, losing 16-8 then winning 3-2. In game #1, the hometown pride posted a 2-0 lead as Chan Short doubled, then Chip Spann and Brent Carter had hits that brought in scores. Later in the third, with East Cobb managing to score six, the Travelers posted three more scores as Travis Rush walked, then scored and Alan Johnson and Eric Rutherford each brought in two more scores. In the fourth, the score edged to 10-7 with RBIs from both Rush and Spann. Finally in the seventh, Bob Stubbs hit brought in a runner with deuce outs already.

John Redmond went the distance for the orange and blue squad in game #2, holding the Chargers scoreless until the sixth inning. In the second at-bat inning for the Travelers, Travis Rush walked, then stole second base. Alan Johnson's hit brought Rush to home plate, then Caleb Cripe's hit brought in Johnson. In the ninth inning, with a solo out already on the board, Brent Carter posted a double. Then with deuce outs and a wild throw, Eric Rutherford's grounder sent Carter to home plate.

June 19 - Wayne County

The Orange and Blue pride of Sumter County and Americus defeated the Wayne County Majors in a double header at Jesup, 12-0 and 28-2. Winning pitcher was Eric Rutherford (a no hitter) for game one, Brent Carter for game two. Rutherford allowed only two walks and sent seven back to the Jacket dugout. Carter allowed only a solo hit and sent nine back to the dugout.

The Style and Profile Award for game #1 goes to Chip Spann, for his diving catch that ended the game and assured Americus' best of a no-hitter. Lead hitters: Carter (four hits, three RBI), Spann (six RBI, three hits), Chan Short, Bob Stubbs, Travis Rush, Rutherford, and Rick Cochran. For game #2, Travis Rush was the lead hitter (four hits, five RBI, and a trio scoring dinger), followed by Rutherford (four hits, four RBI), Stubbs (double, triple), Spann (three hits, two RBI), Dylan Tracy (two hits, two RBI), Short (deuce hits), and Ryan Bushey (deuce hits).

June 24-27 - USSSA Class AAA Tournament

June 24 - Toccoa Cobras: The Travelers defeated the Cobras, 10-2, in a contest that ended in the sixth inning due to run lead rules. Brent Carter started as pitcher, allowing a solo run and sending six back to the dugout. Eric Rutherford was reliever, sending five back to the dugout.

In the initial Orange and Blue at-bat inning, the pride of Americus took the lead, 3-0. Travis Rush had an RBI single, and Chip Spann's hit produced deuce scores. In the third, Alan Johnson's triple brought in a score to allow a 5-1 ball game at that point. In inning #6, Caleb Cripe's triple allowed a teammate to score, and Spann's hit brought the Travelers to the final.

June 24 - Columbus Orioles: The Travelers defeated the Orioles, 7-4. In the initial Travelers at-bat inning, Chan Short led off with a double. Bob Stubbs' pop-up ended up dropped to let Short score. Chip Spann's hit brought in a score and Carter scored due to an Oriole error to bring the score to 3-1 at that point.

In the fifth inning, the Orange and Blue pride showed the fans what "smoke" really was - Travis Rush ended up in a rundown between 1st and 2nd bases, while Cedric Johnson ended up rushing to home plate from third at the right point. Rush himself posted a number all the way from second due to a wild pitch. Stubbs and Spann had doubles to up the lead, 6-2.

Winning pitcher: John Redmond. Defense Style and Profile awards to Short, who stopped Columbus from major damage by throwing the ball caught for a double play, and Eric Rutherford, who threw out a runner at the plate for out #3.

June 25 - Strike Zone Cobras: The Orange and Blue pride of Americus defeated the Strike Zone Cobras, 16-10. Travis Rush takes a definite "Style and Profile Award" for deuce dingers.

In the initial Travelers at-bat inning, the squad posted four to the scoreboard, then chalked up four more in the second. In the third, Rush pushed the lead to 10-5 with the first of the two dingers. He then gave his team two runs in the fifth, and Bob Stubbs' double brought in more runs to push the lead to 16-9.

Rush's award also involves a fantastic slide in the gravel to catch the ball to make a key out. Winning pitcher was Rick Cochran.

June 26 - West Cobb Mudcats: The Travelers wound up in the losers' bracket with this game as a result of a defeat by the Mudcats, 2-1. Americus pitcher John Redmond sent four back to the dugout, and the defense team had no errors committed.

The Travelers only score came in the third, as Travis Rush had a hit with deuce outs looming. He stole second, then scored on a hit by Brent Carter.

June 26 - Strike Zone Cobras: The Travelers defeated the Cobras, 11-3, to advance to the championship game. Winning pitcher was Rick Cochran, who also earns a "Style and Profile Award" for pitching out of trouble in all of his innings. He allowed only one run. He sent two back to the dugout altogether. Alan Johnson made three key assists to get the opponents out. Reliever Chan Short allowed the other Cobra scores.

Hit News: Travis Rush had an RBI triple in the initial at-bat inning, then scored on a sac fly by Brent Carter for a 2-0 lead at that point. In the third, all Traveler batters went to the plate. Chip Spann had an RBI single, then Eric Rutherford walked with bags loaded. A wild throw allowed two scores to be posted, and with deuce outs, Short hit a triple and the lead went to 7-0. Carter then scored later, and Johnson scored as a result of errors.

A "Style and Profile Award" also goes to Caleb Cripe, who put the cherry on top of the ice cream with a solid-finish home run that brought in two scores.

June 27 - West Cobb Mudcats: The Orange and Blue pride of Americus defeated the Mudcats, 2-1, and clinched their fourth state championship trophy (the second in USSSA play). "Style and Profile Award" to Caleb Cripe for that fantastic "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" homerun which led off inning #7. Winning pitcher was Brent Carter, who went the distance with seven complete, allowing three hits, three walks and sending seven back to the dugout.

With a 1-0 lead in the sixth, the Travelers bounced back and showed the fans "Pure Fire". Rush walked to lead off, then Carter's bunt brought him to second. With deuce outs, Rush managed to reach home plate due to a throwing error.

Congrats to Travis Rush, who was selected as the Most Valuable Player for the entire tournament. With this win, the Travelers assured themselves of a spot in the USSSA World Series, played at the Cocoa Expo Sports Complex in Cocoa, Florida.

A special "Style and Profile Award" goes to Rick Cochran for his outstanding pitching through the tournament. Also: "Style and Profile Awards" all around to ALL the Americus Travelers, players, coaches, and fans, for the win of a tournament that came about AGAINST ALL ODDS.

July 1 - Shaw High

The Travelers lost in a doubleheader to Shaw High of Columbus, 7-6 and 5-3. In the initial at-bat inning for the orange and blue, Bob Stubbs walked, then with deuce outs looming in, Brent Carter singled. Stubbs scored on a wild throw, then Carter scored from second due to a wild pitch. In the fourth, Chip Spann's hit brought Carter to home plate, then with deuce outs in the inning, Spann scored to a wild pitch. Stubbs' hit in the fifth, with deuce outs, tied the score at 5-5 at that point. In the sixth, Carter hit, then Rick Cochran reached due to a Shaw error. Pitcher Eric Rutherford tied the score with a groundout, but Shaw High ultimately won.

"Style and Profile Awards" to both Spann and catcher Travis Rush for combining efforts for deuce double plays.

In the nightcap, the Travelers did not score until the fifth inning as Rush, Carter, and Spann had hits, then Rutherford drove in a score with a groundout. A Shaw High error made the score 5-3.

July 10 - Dothan Post 12

The Travelers split a double header against Dothan Post 12. Dothan won the first game, 20-7. Americus won the nightcap, 9-3. In the first game, lead hitters for the Orange and Blue crew were Bob Stubbs (three hits, one score), and Brent Carter (deuce hits, RBI, and scores).

Game Two: Brent Carter went the distance and pitched all seven innings. He allowed seven hits, walked one, and sent ten back to the dugout. Hitting: Rick Cochran and Chip Spann hit RBI singles, then both scored due to an error. Carter doubled to start things off in inning #5, then Spann's hit brought in another score. Spann himself scored via a hit from Alan Johnson. In inning #6, Spann's triple brought in two more scores.

July 11 - Columbus

Tournament Results:

  • The Travelers defeated Pacelli Catholic High, 3-2. Dylan Tracy started as pitcher in this game ("The Clubhouse" welcomed Dylan back - he had been out of action for a few weeks due to an injury). He allowed only two runs, no walks, and sent two back to the dugout. Rick Cochran relieved in the seventh. Lead hitters were Travis Rush (double), Bob Stubbs (single), Brent Carter (single), and Eric Rutherford (single).

  • The Travelers defeated Smith's Station, Alabama, 11-10. Eric Rutherford started as pitcher, allowed 10 runs, 12 hits. Rick Cochran relieved in the seventh. Lead hitters: Bob Stubbs (three hits), Travis Rush (two hits), Brent Carter (two hits), Cochran (two hits), Ryan Bushey (two hits), and Daniel Warren (two hits).

July 21-24 - GRPA State Tournament

Tournament Results:

July 21 - Statesboro (Won 10-0)

Hitting: In the initial inning, Chan Short and Bob Stubbs hit grounders. Both scored on a ground ball hit by Travis Rush. He reached third base, then scored via a ground out from Brent Carter. In inning #2, Cedric Johnson walked, stole second, and reached third due to an error, then scored via a hit from Short. Third inning - Carter singled, then Chip Spann's hit let Carter reach third. He scored via a double play ball. With deuce outs already in the fourth, Spann's triple brought Stubbs to home plate. Eric Rutherford's hit produced a score, then Alan Johnson tripled and scored to build a 9-0 lead. Carter's hit brought in Short in the fifth.

Pitching: The trio of John Redmond, Eric Rutherford and Dylan Tracy limited Statesboro to three hits and struck out seven.

July 21 - Dublin (Lost 6-5)

Hitting: In the initial Travelers at-bat inning, Bob Stubbs tripled. Travis Rush reached base, then Stubbs scored due to an error throw when Rush was stealing base. Later in the fourth, Chan Short and Stubbs posted hits, then Rush smacked a dinger to score three runs.

July 22 - Vidalia (Won 12-0)

Hitting: With the pond loaded with ducks, Bob Stubbs found a gap in the field. His double brought in three scores. In the fourth, Chip Spann and Eric Rutherford's hits brought in scores. Caleb Cripe's hit produced two more runs, then Stubbs' sac fly upped the Orange and Blue's lead to 11-0. The last score came via errors.

Pitching/Defense: John Redmond was the starting pitcher in this game and had to work out of trouble for two innings of play.

Style and Profile: Caleb Cripe made a diving grab for an out in the fourth inning to pull off the play of the night.

July 23 - Wayne County (Won 4-0)

Hitting: With deuce outs already posted, Alan Johnson's hit in the second produced a score for the Orange and Blue. A similar scene in the fourth - deuce outs, an RBI hit by Ryan Bushey. Brent Carter's double drove in two more in inning #5.

Pitching: Dylan Tracy went the distance and pitched the entire game. He allowed four hits and sent only one back to the dugout. The Travelers only had one field error.

July 23 - Douglas (Lost 9-8)

Hitting: In the second inning, Eric Rutherford bunted, then Ryan Bushey's hit brought in a score. Caleb Cripe's hit to left field would produce two more runs. Travis Rush began inning #3 with a dinger. In the fourth, the Travelers posted several more scores with RBI hits from Rush and Brent Carter.

Pitching: Rutherford started as pitcher in this game and posted four innings of shutouts. Carter relieved in the seventh.

Defense Style and Profile: Adrian Johnson made a great diving catch in right field to finish the opponent's fifth inning.

The Travelers ended up in third place in the tournament.

July 25-31 - USSSA World Series, Cocoa Expo Sports Complex @ Cocoa, Florida

Monday, July 25: The Travelers lost to the Bayou Boys of Louisiana, 8-1.

Tuesday, July 26: The Travelers defeated the Daytona Police Athletics, 12-6. Winning pitcher Eric Rutherford went the distance, allowing nine hits and two walks and sent seven stepping back to the dugout.

Hitting: Rutherford had deuce hits, deuce RBI. Bob Stubbs recorded a trio of hits and RBIs. Travis Rush had deuce hits, deuce RBI. Brent Carter had a pair of hits.

Tuesday, July 26: The Orange and Blue pride of Sumter County defeated Patterson Park, Ohio, whose team was comprised of college players. John Redmond was the winning pitcher in the 5-2 victory, allowing only six hits, one walk. With great help from catcher Ryan Bushey, he also sent eight stepping back to the dugout (strikeouts). The Travelers posted six hits in this game. Among them: Brent Carter (RBI double), Chip Spann (deuce scoring triple).

With this game, the Travelers emerged as the #1 seed in the pool play tournament to move up to the championship bracket, as they gave up only 16 runs in three games and finished 2-1.

Thursday, July 28: The Travelers lost to the Blue Teal of Chicago, 12-4. Chan Short posted deuce hits and Ryan Bushey had a solo hit.

Thursday, July 28: The Orange and Blue pride of Americus defeated the West Cobb Mudcats, 7-2. Brent Carter went the distance and pitched the complete game, allowing six hits and sending four back to the dugout with strikeouts. Alan Johnson earns a "Style and Profile Award" for his work as third baseman - saving three scores with a pair of diving stops.

Lead hitters for the Travelers included Chip Spann with two hits.

Friday, July 29: The Travelers defeated Patterson Park of Ohio in a rematch, 9-7. Once again, winning pitcher was John Redmond; Chan Short pitched as relief. Defense play for the Travelers proved to be a key factor, with notable work from Chip Spann and Travis Rush in the seventh inning.

Hitting: Brent Carter posted a trio of hits, deuce RBI. Rush had deuce hits, including a triple. Caleb Cripe brought in three scorers. Eric Rutherford and Alan Johnson brought in a solo score each.

Saturday, July 31: The Travelers were defeated by the Kalamazoo Maroons of Michigan, 2-0. Pitcher Eric Rutherford allowed four hits, one walk, and struck out five. Hitting: Travis Rush posted one double, Brent Carter one single.

August 16 - End Of Season Banquet

The End-Of-Season Banquet for the Americus Travelers Baseball Club was held at the Williams Road Church of Christ. All who were present enjoyed the fun, food (Ricky Carter prepared some of his famous Thomas Bell Stadium Burgers!), and fellowship.

Several awards were presented to players:

  • Most Improved Player: Ryan Bushey
  • Sportsmanship Award: Chan Short
  • Big Stick Award: Chip Spann
  • Coaches Award: John Redmond
  • 1999 Bobby Ryals Leadership Award: Brent Carter and Travis Rush
In addition, t-shirts were given to all the players. Also: all of the players and coaches were presented packets sent via mail from team webmaster Ken "Moose" Harrill of Wayne County; the players packets included personalized "Clubhouse All Stars Award" certificates.